Camp Beagle Rescue Feral Cat & 4 Kittens

At Camp Beagle we found a feral cat nursing her four kittens just a yard away from the main road, hidden under some pallets.

Feline Care Cat Rescue supported us with the trapping, but they are at full capacity, so Animals in need (UK) stepped in with a space for this mum to continue to nurse her two weeks old kittens.

The family will be receive treatment for internal and external parasites, check ups and vaccines. When they are old enough the kittens will be neutered and rehomed in a loving caring home.

We are grateful for the help we have received from these two sanctuaries, if you can support them in any way please get in touch with them.

Animal rescue work requires strong commitment and endless resources, all sanctuaries are always in need of more help.

The Camp Beagle Team