Two Impex Vans Collect Beagle Puppy Cargo

As if two Impex vans at MBR Acres collecting their cargo of Beagle Puppies Monday 24th June wasn’t bad enough, another two Impex vans collected today, Thursday 27th June 2024.

The call was made to activists and one of the two vans were seen entering Labcorp (Huntingdon) we are monitoring the second van and will update out socials accordingly.

The video below shows the vans leaving MBR Acres to be witnessed by an Activist with 40+ years of campaigning brought to tears, arriving at Labcorp(se) and what happens to the helpless beagles.

We make no apologies for the video – yes it is a hard watch but never-the-less it is a video that needs watching to show the horrors and to ‘fire up’ fellow activists to make a stand against that barbaric practice.

The Camp Beagle Team