Do you Hate the People who work at MBR Acres?

“Do you hate the people who work at MBR Acres or the testing laboratories?”

This a question that is often asked of us and most people expect us to answer with a resounding “YES!” but the answer is “No!” 

IMPEX Courier with a load of screaming 16 week old Beagle puppies

Our campaign to shut down MBR and Free the Beagles comes from love and compassion, the love and compassion we have for the defenceless, love-seeking beagles is the same we have for all beings, animals and human. 

We are human and at times our emotions mean we lose control while witnessing the Impex Couriers leaving with their cargo of puppies or when the employees of MBR leave at night with smiles on their faces and laughing about their days work we may find ourselves expressing our contempt.  Our contempt is born out of the frustration of not understanding how people can work in that environment, knowing how the puppies’ lives are cut short and filled with pain and discomfort! 

Much of this contempt comes from MBR Acres and the testing laboratories hiding behind their secrecy, not allowing employees or ex-employees to discuss their working conditions.  The conditions of the animals and why the experiments are performed and why the alternatives are not being used. Their secrecy and the behaviour of a few fuels the perceived hatred between differing sides. 

We know the people who work there have families, children, and dogs.  They have commitments and bills and possibly feel any wage is better than none!  They possibly believe the propaganda they are fed from their employees and peers or do not wish to question the truth as it may raise too many self-awareness questions that they are not ready to face up to.  We simply do not know. 

We have a whistleblower hotline.  We will protect the identity of anyone who speaks to us. We will actively work with them to help them find alternative employment for them.  Anyone working at MBR Acres or in the animal testing laboratories can call the hotline in total confidence.  We can put them in touch with ex-employees of the animal testing community to help them process some of the procedures they have witnessed or partaken in.  We can help them as they are just as much victims of the industry as the animals they breed and test on.  They just need to make the call.   

We want them to call us on 07835 583543.  We want them to foster transparency and promote more humane practices in scientific research.  We just need them to make the call. 

What do you think about this? Comment below.

The Camp Beagle Team