Camp Talks: Ellie Hansen Sunday 3rd March

Ellie Hansen is an award-winning writer, podcast producer and host, also animal advocate. Ellie has written a book titled Laboratory Dogs Rescued: From Test Subjects to Beloved Companions (2021), and is the creator, director, producer and host of the Dog Research Exposed Podcast.

The inspiration for her committed work comes from Marty, a beagle Ellie rescued after he was released from a pharmaceutical research facility at the age of six.

“He is always in the background of every podcast episode I prepare. Whether it’s recording, editing, planning my next guest or updating my website. Marty inspires all of it.”

Dog Research Exposed Podcast is a unique program containing real dialogue with the people who are at the forefront of changing the animal testing paradigm, check it out!!



Ellie’s talk will be available via our Facebook and instragram pages and also will be via zoom

Yo can also help Ellie in the quest to help the beagles by Clicking Here