Camp Beagle – We couldn’t do this without your Love & Support

Camp Beagle can not have a presence outside of MBR Acres 24/7, 365 days a year without the valued and much appreciated support of like minded animal activists.

It has never been, nor will it ever be, for Camp Beagle to ask for donations – you won’t hear requests for donations in our livestreams; you won’t see requests from our social media accounts it’s just not the ‘Camp Beagle Way’.

Whilst every supporter is special to Camp for example, through signing our petitions, following us on our socials, arranging outreach or even buying a branded T Shirt we could not do this without your support – it is as simple as that.

Whilst supports are valued some supporters go above and beyond; for example,

» a certain person called Ben appears to have Subway and Dominos Pizza on speed dial as regular as clockwork deliveries appear every Saturday as a treat for Camp.

» a group of Beagle lovers from Merseyside come to Camp come rain or shine every month to show their support;

» a certain local lady does all of the ‘domestic chores ‘for camp like washing their clothes and offering a sanctuary for residents to chill out, watch the tele and have a shower.

» a certain West Midlands handyman does all of the techy stuff at Camp for example, ensuring that all of the electrical systems function and that everything else mechanical works.

» supporters who send out T Shirts, outreach packs and leaflets

» a certain person who runs this humble website in addition to doing all of the monthly accounts and budgeting.

» numerous supporters who turn up at Camp armed with freshly made stews and soups.

» a certain person who does all of our research and legal correspondence.

The list goes on……

All are valued and all play an unsung part in the running of Camp Beagle; no one asks for praise or recognition – they do it because they care, are passionate about Camp Beagle and want the hell hole MBR Acres to close.

To all of Camp Beagle supporters a massive Thank You – as we say we couldn’t do it without your love and support.

The Camp Beagle Team