Camp Beagle Supporter Focus: Viva La Vegan

Camp Beagle couldn’t function on without much valued support – It’s as simple as that!

To get the message out about the UK’s largest Puppy breeding site takes, dedication, stamina, loyalty, all of which Camp Beagle has never struggled to gain.

Camp Beagle is blessed to have so many supporters who never cease to amaze us with their efforts, kindness and, perhaps most of all, support.

Whilst it would probably be wrong to single out one person or organisation, as all supporters are much appreciated, perhaps you would allow us to highlight a company who has been key to the continued success of, not just the physical camp, but to get the message out about Camp Beagle/MBR Acres.

Ladies and Gentlemen let us introduce to you, if you don’t know them all ready, a drum Roll please…

Viva La Vegan

From the early days of Camp Beagle Viva La Vegan have been busy behind the scenes shipping Camp Beagle’s exclusive range of merchandise to a waiting band of supporters.

You may not know but a percentage of all profits generated from the sales of Camp Beagle merchandise, be it flags, T Shirts, Hoodies, badges, beanie hats… (the list goes on) is donated to Camp Beagle to support the physical camp, outreach events to name but a few.

So thanks Viva La Vegan as we say we couldn’t do this without you.

Camp Beagle

ps The very least you can do is see their exclusive range of Camp Beagle merchandise – Simply Click Here