Camp Beagle Spend 2nd Christmas Outside MBR

Camp Beagle Spend 2nd Christmas Outside MBR and will continue to do so until every cage at MBR Acres is empty

Camp Beagle residents are preparing to spend a 2nd Christmas encamped outside the gates of the now notorious MBR Acres – the UK’s biggest puppy factory. 

We have been here since July 2021…we have held a continuous presence throughout that time and are resolute that we will stay until MBR Acres shuts down.  We are one of the longest running protest camps in UK history.

MBR Acres is owned by a U.S company Marshall BioResources.  It’s business is to breed puppies to supply to toxicology laboratories.  The experiments these puppies are subjected are cruel, outdated and useless.  Through FOI requests it was also exposed that MBR also bleed dogs to death on-site.

During the 18 months of Camp Beagles existence two parliamentary petitions have been organised by Camp Beagle – both of which have surpassed the all important 100,000 mark enabling us to have parliamentary debates.

Camp Beagle have picketed the workers every day as they entered and left MBR Acres. On-site activities have been monitored every day. There is drone and camera footage showing how the terrible conditions the dogs and puppies are subjected to. 

MBR have spent over 1 million pounds in legal fees to bring a High Court injunction to remove us, but Camp Beagle have fought it all the way and have successfully held their ground.

We have captured the public imagination and have received support from across the world.

Camp Beagle will be outside the gates of hell on Christmas morning.

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For more information contact John Curtin, Camp Beagle spokesperson on 07771953465 –

11 thoughts on “Camp Beagle Spend 2nd Christmas Outside MBR

  1. Surely this awful cruel practice of injecting dogs has got to stop in this civilized country.

    1. All this experiment on all animals has to stop now we live in the 21st century there are other ways to do this with using animals all these places should be shut down now

  2. All this experiment on all animals has to stop now we live in the 21st century there are other ways to do this with using animals all these places should be shut down now

  3. Why do we need animals to test drugs in thus day and age? Barbaric, outdated, inhumane practices should be outlawed. This practice benefits no-one apart from the people at the top!

  4. Absolutely heartbreaking ! No poor innocent animal deserves this. Dogs are meant to be loved as part of a family , how can people do this, their sick evil individuals who deserve to suffer for what their doing! Please rescue these babies 💔💔💔

  5. These tests have been proven over and over to be ineffective and obviously cruel, tortuous and expensive. There are other and more effective ways in this day and age to test drugs and products safety, that are ethical. Seems like this abuse is more about making money than anything else and it absolutely needs to stop. This is a symbol of supporting oppression and violence, abuse and exploitation. It must end now.

  6. Liberen a los beagles, basta de crueldad y experimentar con estos seres indefensos. BASTA !!!

  7. MBR is out dated and need’s to be shut down and every single puppy need’s to be re homed so they can live a life like any other dog 🐶 it’s about time the Government Realise that animal experiments doesn’t work they are just abusing and torturing those poor defenceless puppies not forgetting all the other animals that they test with the toxic chemicals why don’t they test it on them self’s see how they like it

  8. True animal warriors always delivered with love & honesty.This is the ONLY camp beagle .outside the gates of hell
    24hrs a day every day .

  9. Thank you true friends of these suffering animals. You are their hope for freedom and the right to live a humane life. We support you and will make our views known to those who can stop pointless laboratory testing on animals and promote alternative methods. Public opinion can create change – I hope our voices will be heard in the parliamentary debate on 16th Jan.

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