Camp Beagle Rare Footage of an actual Beagle at MBR

Rare footage taken by the Camp Beagle drone showing a MBR beagle in the ‘mating’ shed, refered to as the ‘brothel’ by MBR Workers.

A rare glimpse at the outside world, or in this particular case, through a metal guarded window onto a concrete courtyard – no grass, no sky, no walks, no love or attention; remember that MBR Acres is an industrial breeding facility for beagles the only escape being thrown in the back of a Impex van followed by weeks/months of torture in the name of ‘fake science’ by the likes of Labcorp, Sequani or Charles River.

After the breeding dogs and bitches have outlived their profitability there is no loving home that awaits them – no walks, cuddles, love or treats what they can expect after being loyal breeding workers for their masters is death normally by ‘bleeding out’ – a process which involves inserting a needle into the heart of the helpless beagle so that the heart can pump out every last drop of blood which ultimately is sold to labs, vets or universities and their ‘body parts’ sold to whoever are willing to buy them – the rest is scooped up and placed in a bio-hazard bag and thrown into a waste skip – that is life after a beagle is no longer financially viable for Scott Marshall & Co – Even in death there is money to be made by Marshall BioResources. (Even though the UK division, MBR Acres have spent £3,000,000 in the high court trying unsuccessfully to get rid of Camp Beagle from their doorstep and in their last published accounts year they lost a massive £800,000)

That is the stark reality of MBR Acres and why Camp Beagle is pitched outside MBR Acres 24/7, 365 days a year and will not stop exposing their atrocities and cruelty until every cage is empty, MBR Acres is just a wart in the pages of human’s history of inhumanity towards animals or the money from Scott Marshall runs out.

The Camp Beagle Team