Camp Beagle Parliamentary Debate: Update

At last the Government admits that “more can be done.”

Up until our Parliamentary debate, the government has refused to take any actions regarding animal testing.

But, Andrew Griffith, Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology, at the debate announced:

– More investment in the development of non-animal alternatives;

 –  to publish a plan to accelerate the development, validation and uptake of technologies and methods to reduce reliance on the use of animals in science;

 –  to restart the public attitudes to animal research survey;

 – to increase the licence fees.

Camp Beagle Parlamentary Debate

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Has the ball been set rolling toward ending animal testing? or are these to be more broken promises prior to the general election?

These promises do not go far enough, particularly regarding funding, which falls far short of the billions needed to be reallocated away from animal testing into NAMs development and use.

The Camp Beagle Team