Camp Beagle – it’s a 24/7 365 Days Job

Camp Beagle – it’s a 24/7 365 Days Job but some people just don’t get it.

Social media is good for promoting the message of Camp Beagle to people who may not otherwise know about the atrocities that happen at MBR Acres or indeed the vivisection industry.

Social media can reach millions of people almost instantly but in the same token it can attract the ‘less desirable’ folk, or trolls as we call them.

It can be suggested that in part the success of our recent Petition achieving 100,000 signatures was down to social media – social media at it’s finest.

Recently we have experienced ‘trolling’ on almost an industrial level which, whilst annoying to say the least, distracts us from concentrating on our main focus of closing down the hell hole that is MBR Acres.

So if you read social media posts that could be described as ‘less then flattering’ towards Camp Beagle ask yourself are they really true?

Camp Beagle is the ONLY animal rights protest group committed to being outside the gates of hell 24/7, 365 days a year. FACT

What other group can claim that?

Examples of the trolling have included,

All that Camp Beagle do is to shout at workers when they enter or leave MBR acres what else do they do?

Yes it is true but if put into context that is half hour in the mornings (7.30am to 08.00am) and 5 minutes in the afternoons (4.00pm until 4.05pm)

The ‘Trolls’ tend to forget, (and these are just a few)

  • the drone footage which we take, edit and publish which can take up to 3 or 4 hours a day. (and we don’t take drone footage at 6.00am and tell the world that Camp Beagle is still asleep even though the workers don’t arrive until 07.30am as a ‘troll recently published)
  • the live social media feeds which are taken almost daily, without the use of a script, and are actually filmed 100% at Camp Beagle.
  • the campaigns which we orchestrate such as our recent successful petition and too many outreaches and events to mention.
  • the behind the scenes research which is undertaken such as the expose of the Beagles being flown into Copenhagen by Marshall Bioresoures to name but one.
  • the soon to be published expose which we are only just confirming. (Watch this space)
  • the numerous telephones calls received and made to Journalists worldwide about MBR Acres/Marshall Bioresources.
  • speaking to and extending the Camp Beagle hospitality to the numerous visitors to Camp Beagle.
  • the actual running of Camp Beagle for example, getting gas, water and food.
  • the weekly zoom meetings amongst supporters to discuss and finalise forthcoming plans/events/campaigns.
  • the attendance at numerous events such as Vegan Camp Out and VegFest to name but a few.
  • the publishing of our monthly accounts in order to maintain honestly and transparency. (what other ‘group does this?)
  • the updating of all social media channels on a daily basis to even include this website!

So there you have it – Camp Beagle – we aren’t just outside MBR Acres shouting at workers we do important and vital work behind the scenes which mostly goes undetected.

We hope you now realise that Camp Beagle is in it for the duration – nothing is worth achieving without a fight and we can guarantee that the fight will continue until MBR Acres close for good and until every cage is empty.

Thanks for your much appreciated support – we couldn’t do it without you.

The Camp Beagle Team