Barry Horne Memorial at Labcorp Huntingdon

On Sunday 5th November at 8am a group of people stood outside LabCorp on Woolly Road in Huntingdon braving the chilly Autumn air.  They met to pay their respects to Barry Horne who passed away on 5th November 2001.  Barry was on hunger strike after being sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for caring about animals and wanting to stop the exploitation of them.  Barry was an animal rights activist who gave his life for the animals. 

The group that gathered outside LabCorp was made up of animal rights supporters from “Free the MBR Beagles”, Marshall and Millions Army, The Camp Beagle and “LockDown Bullies UK” as well as others who just want to stop the inhumane treatment of animals. 

A spokesman said,

“Behind all the razorwire, security fencing, cameras and security guards here is the largest animal testing facility in the UK. 

They carry out tests on Beagles, Cats, Pigs, Horses, Rats, Mice, Micropigs, Fish amongst others, causing unnecessary pain and suffering and these animals are then discarded. 

While Barry campaigned in a different political climate he was ultimately let down by politicians just like all the animals tortured at LabCorp and other animal testing facilities across the UK. This seemed a fitting place to show our respects to him and others who started the animal rights movement in the UK”. 

The gathering was well advertised and caused LabCorp to change its normal weekend procedures. 

Marshall and Millions campaign to get justice for Marshall and Millions – two dogs shot by the Metropolitan Police earlier this year. 

LockDown Bullies UK are campaigning against the ban on XL bullies and recognise that banning breeds doesn’t stop bad owners. 

“Free the MBR Beagles” campaign regularly outside LabCorp and want the beagles at MBR Acres freed. 



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