Home Office Licences – A Licence to Kill

A data analysis of the Non Technical Summaries published between 2018 and Sept 2023 reveal the huge number of animals the Home Office has licences to be experimented on… licenced to cause them pain and suffering.

The Home Office has granted licences for experiments on over 50 different species, included 2,617,308 chickens, 6 elephants, 13,634 ferrets, and 9,553,966 fishes!!!

To put into prospective in regard to licences issued by the Home Office for testing upon Beagles the London Stadium (Home to West Ham United) holds 66,000 supporters – Imagine nearly the whole stadium filled with 16 weeks old beagle puppies.

Please note this figures are for the number of animals licenced to use, the actual number of procedures would be much bigger, as often animals are re-used in other experiments.

Special thanks goes to our researcher for the painstaking analysis of the figures on the Non Technical Summaries published by the Home Office.

NOTE that the Home Office has never refused one single project licence to conduct animal tests, it’s basically a tick box exercise

The Camp Beagle Team