An Amazing Camp Beagle Fundraiser Completed!

Some would say the Fab 5 are somewhat crazy – some would might even say mad – But Camp Beagle think the Camp Beagle 5 are amazing!

Fundraiser 17th February 2024

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On Saturday, 17th February, Lois, Georgie, Erica, Liv, and Beth took part in an 82ft abseil in Mendip Hills, Somerset.

The money raised will be contributing towards keeping Camp Beagle protest going.

On Behalf of Camp Beagle, and especially the MBR Beagles. THANK YOU!

For additional information, to see their fantastic achievement, perhaps chip in a few quid, visit their dedicated GoFund Page

The Camp Beagle Team

ps A VIP car parking space has been reserved for you at Camp Beagle together with unlimited Tea and Cake!