3 Impex Vans Leave MBR Acres 11th April 2024

The worse start to the day at Camp Beagle  is when the dreaded IMPEX vans arrive at MBR Acres to take away helpless screaming beagle puppies to their ultimate death by way of torture.

As with Camp Beagle’s procedure when IMPEX vans arrive the call-out is made to activists up and down the country to man suspected delivery destinations such as Labcorp (Huntingdon),  Sequani (Ledbury), Labcorp (Harrogate) or Charles River (Tranent Scotland).

Intelligence gathered soon after the death vans left suggested that the puppy consignments were destined for Charles River where our good friends East Lothian Uncaged were on hand to ‘welcome’ them the delivery.

Key Timings

09.29 x3 IMPEX Vans Arrive at MBR Acres

09.48 x3 IMPEX vans leave MBR Acres

15.38 x 3 IMPEX Vans arrive at Charles River Tranent

324 Miles from Camp Beagle (PE28 2DT) to Charles River Tranent (EH33 2NE)

Time Taken: 5 Hours 50 Minutes

Average Speed: 55mph

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A bad day for Camp Beagle and our supporters but not as bad a day for those helpless beagle puppies.

The Camp Beagle Team