You Can Always Become a Camp Beagle Whistleblower

Over the past few days it has been brought to the attention to Residents at Camp, via a confirmed source, that two members of staff have left the employment of MBR, one male and one female due to ‘mental health reasons’.


Camp Beagle Whistleblower Direct Line – 07835 583543


Whilst the mental health reason is probably understandable given the things which the now ex-staff have witnessed on a daily basis, fair play to them for leaving; let’s hope that MBR find suitable replacements as at the end of the day I guess they do look after the welfare of the dogs allbeit in the looses sense of the meaning.

In the hope that the ‘Ex MBR 2’  keep up with events at Camp and read this blog can I direct you to the Camp Beagle Whistleblower line?

The whistleblower line is for ex-MBR staff to come forward and literally spill the beans on what happens behind thew Gates of Hell.

Rest assured that all calls are in complete confidence, false names can be given, no telephone numbers will be kept – Remember you call the shots.

Lets get this phone ringing- 07835 583543.

The Camp Beagle Team