What Happened to Love & Libby?

So what indeed happened to the 2 beagle puppies, Love and Libby, liberated by Animal Rebellion and handed over to CaMBRidgeshire Police?

Below are the replies to the FOI we requested from the CaMBRidgeshire Police

Camp Beagle, along with Animal Rebellion, have come up with a different conclusion to that of the CaMBRridgeshire Police – That they should have been returned to the loving arms of animal activist so that they can live a long and happy life doing what dogs do.

Make your own mind up – perhaps with a letter to your MP, the Home Office or  CaMBRidgeshire Police.

FOI Feb 2023 a
FOI Feb 2023 b
FOI Feb 2023 c
Home Office Page 1 Feb 2023
Home Office Reply 1st February 2023 (Page 2)