Today Beagle Puppies went to their Death

Today, Wednesday 9th August 2023, a van containing screaming Beagle Puppies left MBR Acres destined for an animal toxicology lab to be tested upon and ultimately to have a painful, slow death.


The vans left at approximately 09.00am which, based upon previous dates and timings of past shipments, is unusual as although not set in stone, vans leave at around 11.00am.

Yet again the couriers of death were IMPEX with the van driven at break neck speed by Chief Beagle tormentor, Russell Morgan. 

Yet again no advance warning was relayed to any person related to Camp Beagle.

After the breaking news over the past few days of the exposee of the transportation of Beagles from the States and the recent involvement of PETA, the camp was almost on a ‘high’ which, as per normal, was brought crashing down to earth by the antics of MBR and the death couriers.

Sad day yet again for Camp Beagle 🙁

The Camp Beagle Team

One thought on “Today Beagle Puppies went to their Death

  1. F@&&$ the Pharma.🤬Dracos 👺💩 ! I’m asking to the Divine justice to take over these dark souls.👹 We are not going to Stop freeing the animals. We, the awaken, are going to continue the fight to release all the animals from these evil souls.

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