MBR Acres Dog Handler Speaks Out – Then is Asked To Leave!

Staff at MBR Acres, be they employed by Marshall Resources or Contractors, rarely talk to Camp Beagle; at best the most you can expect is a ‘grunt’ or a one fingered salute.

As part of Camp’s ongoing operation to tell the world of MBR Acres a conversation was struck up between an activist and a contracted dog handler.

Play the video below – clearly the conversation goes against the MBR Acres strict guidelines of speaking to anyone from the ‘outside world’.

How true the Dog Handler’s words were

“I’m only doing my job – If I weren’t doing it they (MBR) would get another bloke to do it!”

as soon after the video was taken he received a call on his radio saying

could you come to the office, we need to have a word with you…..”

Shortly after he was seen driving out the site only to be replaced by yet another Dog Handler soon after.

The Camp Beagle Team


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