Harry & Meghan Visit Camp Beagle!

Mamma Mia! Look who dropped in for tea, cake and a protest against puppy killers, MBR?

To Activists at Camp Beagle everyone who visits Camp gets the VIP treatment.

But it isn’t everyday that Harry & Meghan decide to pay camp a visit, a couple who have decided to adopt an ex-Envigo breeding bitch ‘Mamma Mia’.

Good story so far…..

T0 pay tribute to Harry & Meghan Camp Beagle decided to done face masks just at the time when the MBR Acres’ workforce left at 4.00pm sharp thus leaving the puppies unattended until 8.00am the following day.

The tribute coincided with the announcement that BFP (Beagle Freedom Project) is coming to the UK! 🙂

They commented,

“Following the recent adoption of our former Envigo dog Mia by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we’re thrilled to announce that BFP is in the process of establishing a presence in the UK!”

“We’ve already begun work in England to close Marshall BioResources (MBR), a notoriously cruel supplier of animals to research laboratories. Our friends at Camp Beagle have shone a spotlight on MBR’s horrific animal welfare violations, and we are eager to join the fight to shut this facility down!”

Great news indeed!

Additional information on BFP’s involvement in the Camp Beagle campaign can be found by Clicking Here