Envigo Plead Guilty to Animal Welfare & Environmental Crimes

Envigo pleaded guilty to animal welfare and environmental crimes in the US federal court, and agreed to pay $22 million in fines, plus an additional $13.5 million to support animal welfare and environmental projects, cover law enforcement expenses and improve its own facilities.

4,000 beagles were saved when Envigo breeding centre in Virginia was closed down in 2022 for violating animal welfare standards.

Problems included failing to provide veterinary care, unsanitary conditions, euthanizing dogs without anesthesia, under-feeding mothers nursing puppies and failing to document the cause of death for HUNDREDS of puppies!!!

Marshall Bioresources, MBR Acres, is as guilty as Envigo.

In the UK Envigo has a colony of beagles that they breed for bleeding and organs to sell to laboratories.

Envigo was purchased by Inotiv in 2021.

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The Camp Beagle Team