£5 (or multiples of)

This is a one-off donation of £5 (or multiples thereof) and a huge thank you for your kindness – this will help camp buy essential supplies to help camp survive day-to day, week-to-week, come rain or shine 24/7 365 days of the year.

We are the ONLY Animal Rights Campaign group who actually are prepared to camp outside of the Gates of Hell 27/7, 365 Days a year as we have done so since we first pitched up July 2021 – and we are prepared to continue camping outside the ‘Gates of Hell’ until every cage is empty.

Please note that Camp Beagle is the protest camp outside MBR Acres and as such your kind donation is supporting our presence there 24/7 – Evey single penny that is kindly donated is accounted for (See our monthly accounts) – if you donate to ‘other’ CB/Camp Beagle groups your donation will go elsewhere and NOT to Camp Beagle.

We are a Grassroots organisation NOT a Ltd Company run by dedicated supporters who care about the Beagles – It’s as simple as that.    

‘Until every cage is empty and MBR have gone’

Camp Beagle xx