Death Van Leaves MBR Acres with Screaming Puppies

Today, Wednesday 13th September, another IMPEX van with their cargo of innocent Beagle puppies left MBR Acres making it two vans in total this week.

In years gone by the Police Liaison officer would inform Camp of  pending collections well in advance but now CaMBRidgeshire Police choose not to do so.

Based upon data, compiled ever since Camp Beagle pitched up outside the gates of hell watching and monitoring MBR Acres, statistically Tuesday is the day which puts Camp on the highest alert, 11.00am being the most favoured hour.

Over the past six months or so it is obvious that previous compiled data can not be relied upon as a clear indicator as times and days for collections have changed dramatically.

It is now not uncommon for vans to leave at any time during the ‘working’ day – the only thing which camp can be confident on is that the earlier they leave the more likely it is that the cargo will end up at either Sequani, some 3 hours away from Camp, or Charles River, some 5/6 hours away from Camp.

Although not set in stone if by early afternoon and no vans have left it dictates that no vans will go out that day – it is worth noting that there have been times when vans have left at 3.00am which, like all other despatches, would have been witnessed and recorded by Camp Beagle.

We have noted over the past 6 months or so that the time taken to load the vans has dramatically reduced; it was almost normal for IMPEX to take nearly half and hour to load the beagles – now less than 10 minutes tends to be the norm.

Our thoughts and prayers are normally directed to the poor beagles departing to their ultimate death in the vans – it is easy to forget that MBR Acres is a commercial industrial breeding operation where there are countless breeding stock producing a never ending supply of beagles to the vivisection industry.

Breeding bitches are impregnated to meet production schedules – Breeding dogs are nothing more than sperm donors – when the time comes when the breeding stock don’t meet with MBR’s production requirements it’s not a case of re-homing them to a loving family. Remember MBR and the vivisection industry it is all about the money – it’s not just killing the dogs it’s about draining their blood and selling it as a commodity and then the selling of ‘beagle body parts’ to whoever is sick enough to even think about buying them.

Beagles at MBR will leave either in a IMPEX van or a yellow toxic waste bag – it is as simple as that.

Camp Beagle can only do what it does – but rest assured Camp will continue to campaign 24/7 against MBR be at outside the gates of hell, on all socials, outreaches, Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice, to name but a few, until the Beagle hell hole closes and until every cage is empty.

The fight continues.

The Camp Beagle Team