Camp Focus: A&A Creations

In addition to creating bespoke Camp Beagle Bracelets the good folk at A&A Creations are also creating bracelets for yet another worthy cause namely, Pet Cancer.

All profits raised from the sale of these bracelets will go to the Rumba Foundation and Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries in funding 2 beagles get urgently required Chemo.



The Bracelets are £6 including postage. All of which are made to order.

To order the Charity bracelets ether email Becca or visit her Facebook page

The Rumba Foundation is a new charity focused on supporting companion animals and their families, either through direct support for treatment or research through UK veterinary universities.
For additional information on the Rumba Foundation visit their Website


We want to give sanctuary to as many animals as possible.

All animals are individual sentient beings, just like humans. They feel pain, have emotions and should be treated with respect. Sadly, there are too many instances when this is not the case.

For additional information on the Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries visit their Website

The Camp Beagle Team