The Amazing Camp Beagle Activists

In order to draw attention to the abuse MBR Beagles are forced to endure, my boyfriend and I joined other activists at what’s known as camp beagle.

Camp beagle was set up at the gates of MBR Acers by animal rights activists over a year ago to put pressure on the establishment and work towards closing it down for good. Whilst protesting against the animal abuse, my partner and I were arrested. We returned home to Scotland with instructions to present ourselves at Peterborough court twenty eight days later. 

Scotland to Cambridge is quite a distance so we decided to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of the MBR beagles by walking the entire way.

We are walking from Edinburgh to MBR Acers in Huntington (just over 300 miles), with a camp beagle sign attached to the front of our home made wagon to draw attention and encourage conversation with everyone we pass. We have a petition asking the government to ban commercial breeding which we are encouraging people to sign as we walk.

All funds raised through this gofundme will be donated to camp beagle in order that activists can continue to fight for the freedom of the MBR puppies. 

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Kim Haines is organising this fundraiser.