Exposing the hidden truths of this huge industry entails a long list of focus areas which need clarity and exposure. Fortunately, to go with that long list, the spectrum of people who would like to see the end of animal testing is broad and rich in both knowledge and compassion, and we invite you to contribute to our open and collaborative research project.

We aim to build as clear a picture as possible of this cruel and profit led industry, and show the way forward to modern science, to ethical evolution and to real benefits for humankind.

Areas of research, starting with animals first.

  • The Animals’ Experience
    • Breeding
    • Conditions
    • Bleeding Out
    • Preparation
    • Transportation
    • Experimentation
    • Killing, Post Mortem, Disposal
  • Non Animal Methods
    • Specific Methods
    • Specific Advantages
  • Legislation
    • Exempt Species & Why
    • Animals (Scientific) Procedures Act 1986 (ASPA)
    • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
    • Secrecy Clauses
  • Regulation
    • ASRU
    • Inspection
    • Enforcement
  • Corporate Structure
    • Clients & Suppliers
    • Follow the Money
    • Sites
  • Planning
  • Licensing
  • Inspection Reports