Labour Announce Plans for Roadmap to End Animal Testing

It has been reported that Labour will announce plans for Roadmap to end Animal Testing ahead of their launch of their manifesto and ahead of the general Election 4th July.

The Labour Party will publish a roadmap to end the use of animals in the scientific testing on products and a selected committee will report on a plan to  phase out the use of dogs for medical/drug development where and when scientific alternatives allow ie NAMs.

Whilst it can be seen as a positive step forward towards the ending of animal testing, it should also be remembered that the Labour Party, namely Tony Blair, promised a Royal Commission into Animal Testing and Vivisection but backed down from pressure from the Pharma industry.

It should also be remembered that Animal Rights campaigner, Barry Horne, went on hunger strike, in part, due to the Labour’s refusal to have a Royal Commission.

The Camp Beagle Team