MBR Acres

Marshall Bioresources

The US based global breeder owns the sprawling 8 acre puppy breeding site in the Cambridgeshire countryside, incorporated as MBR Acres Ltd, which contains rows of steel and concrete warehousing. The puppies are sold to toxicology testing laboratories across the UK and abroad, for toxicology testing, research experimentation. Their internal organs and blood are also sold. Blood being extracted in partial samples or full terminal bleed by cardiac puncture.


Most are destined for toxicology testing. They are loaded onto vans for their one and only journey, and then unloaded off the vans into the toxicology testing laboratory, their terminal destination.

From the Channel 4 documentary ‘It’s a dogs life’.

Here they are subjected to repeated sickening doses of drugs and chemicals forcefully administered through every conceivable anatomical ‘dose route’. This daily routine continues relentlessly for up to 90 days in solitary confinement, at which point, if not already dead, all survivors are killed, most commonly by suffocation, to study the damage the test has caused to their internal organs.

Government Secrecy

The cruel and controversial practices of the animal experimentation industry are hidden and protected under government secrecy legislation (ASPA 1986), exempting it from both the Animal Welfare Act and even the Freedom Of Information Act.

Bearing Witness

Camp Beagle bears witness to the chilling cries of the young dogs from inside the echoey breeding sheds touches all of our hearts and drives us on in the fight to end this conveyor belt of suffering. From the dead of a freezing winter’s night, through scorching summer afternoons, the dogs’ long and empty days and nights are spent confined in a maddeningly repetitive steel and concrete world.

Never Go Outside

Eerie ‘play’ area – never once used during Camp Beagle’s 21 month observation.

Raised in prison like conditions, the dogs will never go outside and do not even get natural daylight. They are left totally unsupervised apart from a few minutes in each 24 hours when their pens, filthy with excrement and soaked with urine from the previous 24 hours, are scraped out and hosed down and their food dispensers refilled.

Pathological Behaviour at Just a Few Months Old

The first ever covert footage of inside the facility, recorded by Camp Beagle, showed just one toy in each pen, suspended on a chain for enrichment. At just a few months old, the puppies showed no interest and displayed pathological repetitive behaviours such as endlessly pacing up and down, characteristic of confined animals whose basic needs are not being met.