MBR is bad NEWS.

Here is a selection of new articles talking about the MBR beagles and the protests to free them:

6 Mar 2023

The Mirror: Horrors of puppy factory as beagles kept in faeces-covered cages in “a view of hell”

Beagles bred for laboratory testing are cooped up at a UK puppy mill in small cages covered with excrement, footage appears to show. They pace up and down, showing what campaigners allege is the kind of “repetitive stereotyped” behaviour of animals enclosed in too small a space.

14 Jan 2023

The Mirror: Gemma Collins fumes over ‘vile’ dog breeding plant where Will Young handcuffed himself

Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins has pleaded with her followers to sign a petition to stop Beagle breeding after she’s ‘kept awake at night’ by ‘repulsive’ cruelty.

13 Jan 2023

Cambridge News: Camp Beagle petition to ban breeding for labs to be debated in Parliament

A petition that was started by Cambridgeshire animal activist group Camp Beagle, will be debated in the House of Commons next week. The group regularly protest against beagle breeding facility, MBR Acres, in Huntingdon and demand a release of the animals.

21 Dec 2022

Cambridge News: Animal rights protesters break into MBR Acres to ‘free Beagle puppies’

Animal rights protesters broke into MBR Acres, a dog breeding facility in Wyton, Huntingdon, yesterday morning. According to Animal Rebellion, an animal and climate justice movement, 18 puppies were allegedly “freed” from the facility.

27 Aug 2022

The Mirror: Prince Harry and Meghan adopt rescue dog to support ban on beagle testing in UK

Prince Harry and Meghan are backing an end to the use of beagles for testing and the closure of facilities that breed dogs for the purpose. The couple revealed this week they had adopted seven-year-old beagle Mamma Mia – one of 4,000 dogs rescued from a US site in Cumberland, Virginia, which has since been closed.

22 Jun 2021

Whimpering dogs forced into cages on UK ‘factory farm’ ahead of lab experiments

Footage shows beagles being piled onto overcrowded trolleys and whimpering before being force fed chemicals for 90 days in what comedian Ricky Gervais called ‘terrible cruelty’

20 June 2022

Mail: Activists break into beagle breeding facility and free five dogs during second day of protests against animal testing

Animal cruelty activists have released five beagles from a puppy farm which breeds dogs for laboratory tests.

05 June 2022

The Independent: Footage of beagles bred for lab tests shows puppies ‘stressed and confined in cages’

Footage taken of puppies inside a centre that breeds them for experiments shows them in barren cages and displaying signs of extreme stress, according to experts and activists.

28 Jan 2022

The Sun: Cramped pens & ‘bled like vampires to death’ for cash: Inside harrowing UK beagle farms which breed dogs for lab testing

CRAMMED into cages, handled by the scruff of their necks and hooked up to machines that drain them of blood before their lifeless bodies are discarded as medical waste.

17 November 2021

Sky News: Will Young handcuffs himself to gates of dog-breeding centre in Cambridgeshire

The musician joined animal rights protesters who call themselves “Camp Beagle” to campaign for the closure of MBR Acres in Wyton.