Contacting Camp Beagle is easy – like our presence outside the Gates of Hell, we are a 24/7, 365 day operation. (Unlike MBR)


General Enquiries

From anything from location to camping, donating to events, outreach to the exclusion zone honest there is nothing we haven’t answered before or don’t have knowledge about.

Please email us directly.




Gathering vital information about MBR, through any means, is essential to the ultimate success in closing down their operation.

You can telephone our whistleblower hotline 24/7 on 07835 583 543 – Rest assured that all information is treated in the strictest confidence and your anonymity will be maintained at all times.

Please email us directly.



Research is again a vital tool in the toolbox of Camp Beagle.

We are working tirelessly behind the scenes not just outside the Gates of Hell although most of our research can’t be published on this website for obvious reasons (We don’t want MBR knowing what we know about them).

Please email us directly.



Making a donation to Camp Beagle is normally done through our Donations Page but should you require any information contact us.

Please email us directly.




Thinking of attending an outreach or even setting up your own?

We have both the information and resources for you to achieve this.

Please email us directly.