Camp Beagle is the Longest Running UK Animal Rights Protest Camp in History and will continue to be until MBR Acres is closed down and ‘Every Cage is Empty’ .

It started after activist group ‘Free The MBR Beagles’ obtained footage of inside the perimeter fence.  It showed staff wheeling large crates, full of young puppies, across the industrial site.  They released the footage to the press which sparked the spontaneous birth of Camp Beagle. Since June 2021, it maintains a continuous presence outside the gates of Britain’s biggest puppy factory. 

US corporation Marshall BioResources owns the business, operating as MBR Acres Ltd.  It breeds beagle dogs at an industrial scale in an 8-acre site just outside Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.  At around 20 weeks old, a courier firm called Impex, delivers them to UK laboratories and Universities in unmarked vans.  The puppies are stacked up in crates inside, and protestors hear them crying from outside as they leave the gates.  Here they are used primarily for toxicology testing by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

A combination of our 24/7, 365 days a year presence outside the ‘Gates of Hell’, along with outreach, government petitions and extensive use of social media and petitions together with a strong, and fast growing, public opinion ensure that MBR Acres’ days are numbered.

We can’t do this without your much valued support, be it arranging your own outreach, telling your fiends, family or work colleagues, sharing our social media posts, donating or just visiting the camp.  Experience the Camp Beagle Hospitality with a piece of cake and a mug of tea.

Remember no matter how little you think that you are doing it means the world to Camp Beagle and, perhaps more important, the innocent Beagle Puppies.


The Camp Beagle Team