Placard ‘Death Row’ (A1)

NEW ‘Born on Death Row’ placards! 

Expose the secrecy of vivisection with a view of poor puppies inside MBR Acres, Britain’s single puppy breeding factory supplying labs. 

Order for your next outreach or demo now.

£12 each plus fixed P&P of £10.

This is absolute cost price.

  • A1 Size – 84 x 59 cm

  • 5mm thick rigid correx board (corrugated plastic)

  • Single side print with vegan ink.

Please note these stickers are supplied Free of Charge – However there is a charge to cover Postage & Packing which we have kept to an absolute minimum – Remember postage charges spent by Camp Beagle is one less Pound which could be used to fund other aspects of our work like attending events, printing of outreach materials, the funding the day to day activities of Camp Beagle to name but a few.