MBR Acres Suppliers In Focus: J. Rettenmaier & Söhne

Who else would order an articulated lorry load of ‘sawdust’ from Germany?

Who else would replace expensive ‘sawdust’ for a cheaper alternative used mainly for reptile bedding?

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you MBR Acres – The Industrial Beagle producing factory.

Lignocel Delivery 1st July 2024

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It is worth noting that Marshall BioResources’ (MBR) senior management in Italy were actually imprisoned for killing 93 puppies over a two year period due to the beagle puppies ingesting the ‘sawdust’.

MBR Acres still use the very same ‘sawdust’ – we say ‘sawdust’ it is actually a product called ‘Lignocel’; a quick Google search reveals that this product is mainly used when keeping snakes and lizards, often refered to as ‘snake bedding’ and is considerably ‘cheaper’ than actual ‘sawdust’.

After the imprisonment of its senior management in Italy MBR closed down their Italian operation because it was “too restrictive”.

Where did they go? They sought sanctuary in the UK knowing that they would be ‘protected’ by the UK Home Office.

Honest you couldn’t make this up – this is actually happening!

The images shown above relate to a delivery made today, Monday 1st July 2024, by J. Rettenmaier & Söhne

The Camp Beagle Team