Camp Beagle Finances – June 2023

Camp Beagle Finances June 2023 – Camp Beagle the longest running UK animal rights protest camp outside the gates of MBR Acres Marshall BioResources 24/7 365 days a year

In order to main transparency on our accounts below is the accounts as at 30th June 2023.

FuelCalor Gas£0.00
Camp LivingFood£313.03
Camp LivingWi-Fi£34.32
Camp LivingToilets£216.00
Camp BeagleMaintenance & Repairs£277.91
Total Outgoings£2,573.05
Balance Brought Forward£3,544.11
Balance £1,967.76

Many thanks for your continued support – we couldn’t do it without you!

Camp Beagle

4 thoughts on “Camp Beagle Finances – June 2023

  1. Hi! Do you have t shirts for sale on location? We thought we might come down on Saturday to offer support and buy shirts.

    1. Hi Moira – go to the menu bar and look for Donate – it will show you the values which you can donate, or multiples of, eg 8 X £1 etc

      Once you have selected and the multiples it will take you to the check out page where you can pay via paypal


      Camp Beagle

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