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In our nation of animal lovers, there’s a harsh reality hidden behind closed doors: millions of animals bred and born in laboratories, their lives destined for the confines of medical research. But amidst the darkness, there are stories of hope – stories like Herbie’s.

Herbie, with the telltale tattoo on his ear, was bred for the laboratory. But those grey hairs on his chin? They tell a different story – one of escape, of freedom, of finding love in a warm home. Herbie is one of the lucky ones.

Yet, for every Herbie, there are countless others who aren’t as fortunate. Nearly 3 million animals are used in British laboratories every year. And the heartbreaking truth? Over 92% of drugs that show promise in animal tests fail in clinical trials. It’s a failure rate that cannot be ignored.

That’s why we’re calling for Herbie’s Law – a bold step towards a future where animals are no longer used in the name of science. The law will prompt a ‘decade of change’, with 2035 set as the target year for full replacement of animal experiments with humane, effective alternatives. It’s a commitment to progress, to compassion, to a brighter future for all.

Herbie says: “Hey, UK, are we there yet?”

Let’s make sure the answer is yes.

Additional Information

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At Animal Free Research UK, we believe that experiments on animals are scientifically and ethically unjustifiable, and that pioneering animal free research provides the best chance of finding treatments for human diseases.

Whilst UK law enshrines the principles of the 3Rs – the replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in research, Animal Free Research UK does not endorse the 3Rs. Instead, our focus is, and always has been solely on replacement – enabling scientists to stop using animals in medical research.

We only support and fund research that uses non-animal methods. We do not fund refinement or reduction research, or any research that uses animals or animal-derived biomaterials.

For additional information on Animal Free Research UK visit their Website

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