Action Points

Meeting DateAction NoAction Point (see minutes for details)GroupAssigneesStatusOutcome/Update
24 Jan 20231Liase with, signpost and facilitate contributorsVolunteersFiaz, VanessaNot Started
24 Jan 20232Create Signal groups for our emerging project workgroupsTeam ToolsFiazNot Started
24 Jan 20233Donations plugin on website for specific targets and regular donationsTeam ToolsFiazNot Started
24 Jan 20234Add ‘friends and family’ advice to paypal donations channelFinancePerryCompleted
24 Jan 20235Work on drafting the ASRU or another petitionPoliticalSole, Debbie
24 Jan 20236Configure cross posting so fb posts appear on insta,Team ToolsFiazNot Started
24 Jan 20237Rachel’s CB twitter accountTeam Tools
24 Jan 20238Trademark ApplicationFinance & LegalDebbie, Christine
24 Jan 20239Targeting Marshall Pet ProductsPoliticalFiaz, Perry, JohnNot Started
24 Jan 202310Year PlannerEventsDavid
24 Jan 202311Verify last December’s local leaflet dropMediaFiazIn Progress
24 Jan 202312Love & Libby follow upMediaVanessa
24 Jan 202313Promote outreach, ongoing and National DayOutreachVanessa, Mikey
24 Jan 202314Promote the 3 labs demoOutreachVanessa, Mikey
24 Jan 202315Enquire about flag printingCollaborationVanessa
24 Jan 202316Write up an intro to the Uganda SchoolCollaborationVictoria
24 Jan 202317Pass on the printer contact from Instagram.MediaJohn
24 Jan 202318Write the Sling the Mesh postCollaborationDebbie
24 Jan 202319Post Rose’s speech on CB socialsMediaJacquiCompleted
24 Jan 202320Put Helen Taylor in contact with JC (Panorama)MediaVanessa
24 Jan 202321Outline an online event (zoom/podcast/interview…)EventsSole
24 Jan 202322Contact the French & US side for collaborationCollaborationDavid
24 Jan 202323Set up the next meetingVictoria